Mission: Make a great quality shirt that you love, makes you feel loved, and helps you pass that love+kindness to all around you.


Quality: The designs are all hand-drawn and shirts are hand-printed. Our founder, Rochelle Serna, is a bit of a holistic health nut and has made sure that only the highest quality earth and body friendly fabrics and inks are used.


Company Q+A with the founder



A: About five years ago I was driving through a neighborhood in Long Beach, CA. I turned the corner to see a big black construction sign with orange flashing lights.

Instead of warning me that traffic would be worse than usual, it’s orange lights read “YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL”.

That small act of kindness made my day! I couldn’t help but have a smile on my face and a pep in my step the rest of the afternoon. It was a simple yet bold gesture of love.

How, I wondered, could I pass that feeling on to others, e v e r y d a y.



A: I’ve wanted to make shirts for a very long time.

There’s just something about a good, comfortable shirt. A shirt can be a part of a memory, a reminder of a special moment, person, or time in our lives. It’s a form of expression. And the right shirt becomes a very loved favorite.

I always thought it would be incredible to create something that others could love like that.

I also plan on creating other things that people love: coin purses, tote bags, maybe even coffee cups—but let’s start with shirts!